nunArt's friend activities are offered by people close to nunArt or who regularly collaborate with us in various ways. There are weekly, monthly and sporadic friend activities.


These classes are carried out by professionals who use some of the spaces of nunArt Guinardó to develop their project on a regular basis during the week:

- Contemporary dance with Gisela Creus

- Dance-theater: creative tools, with Ona Mestre


These activities are regular workshops on a monthly basis, on weekends:

- Body-art meetings, with Berta Vilarrasa

- Everyday bodies, with Nacha Verdugo and Sal Peiró

- The R(spiral), with Marha Echavarria

- Jam CI


From nunArt Guinardó we are open to receive proposals from artists in residence, teachers or creators who would like to offer their proposal outside the format of the other workshops or the 4H cycle. If you are interested, send your proposal to [email protected]

- Temptatives propioceptives by Laura Vilar, January 26

- Flamenco Practices, Persian Module by Andrea Jiménez, March 19.

- Flamenco Practices, Mediterranean Module by Andrea Jiménez, 23 d'abril.

Contemporary dance with Gisela Creus

Monday, 17 to 18.30 h

Dance and creative tools with Ona Mestre

from September 14 to June 23, Tuesday and Thursday, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

PROJECTem 3: accompanied collective creation

PROJECTem is a platform promoted by nunArt with the aim of welcoming and supporting young creation. This platform has three aspects: an accompanied collective creation, a cycle of presentations, and a series of workshops. Collective creation is a proposal of accompaniment in group format. The goal is to create a stable group of 8 to 10 performers who want to work on creating and exhibiting a piece for 12 weeks.

_prácticas_ con LAS PRÁCTICAS

laboratoris regulars d'investigació artística en espais públics del 14 de gener al 24 de juny, divendres, 17-19 h

Setmana PROJECTem

actividad dirigida a los participantes de PROJECTem_1 i PROJECTem2

Sessions de dansa 'cuerpxs cotidianxs'

Un dissabte a el mes, en horari de tardes.

  • 7 de maig, de 18 a 21 h
  • 4 de juny, de 18 a 21 h

Aportació voluntària, entre 10 y 20 euros.

La r(espiral), amb Marha Echavarria

Un diumenge al mes, de 10 a 12.30 h.

Jams de Contact Improvisació

Un diumenge al mes, de 18 a 21 h.

Trobades cos-art amb Berta Vilarrasa

Un dissabte al mes, de 12.30 a 14.30

  • 23 d'octubre 
  • 20 de novembre 
  • 18 de desembre
  • 22 de gener
  • 19 de febrer
  • 19 de març
  • 23 d'abril
  • 28 de maig
  • 18 de juny

RESONANCE - Jornades de dansa, pensament i investigació

Resonance - Jornades de dansa, pensament i investigació, del 11 al 15 de juliol, a nunArt Guinardó