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_prácticas_ con LAS PRÁCTICAS


every Friday, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

from January 14 to June 24, 2022


The objective of las _prácticas_ is to create a space for exchange, a horizontal, collaborative and open space for people from different disciplines, experiences and levels, with an interest in research and artistic creation in public spaces.


12,00 €

Description of the activity

The _prácticas_ are a series of regular interdisciplinary research laboratories in public spaces, taught by the


The objective of these laboratories is to invite participants to find new artistic strategies for research, creation and intervention in public space through observation, experimentation, play, study, practice, reflection and interdisciplinary creation. .

The _practices_ are not classes, nor are they intended to be a creative process in order to have a final product, they are laboratories that intend to renew the existing formats of learning, creation and exhibition, offering unique creative experiences to their participants.

WHAT DO WE DO in the _prácticas_?

We observe the space and our presence in relation to it.

We study and experiment with different artistic tools: body, photo and video, sound, text to intervene in public space.

We create compositions, experiences, instant performances in the public space.

We reflect on the creative process and its impact on public space.

We share our process in the format of open events and in a digital file.

HOW MUCH DOES  _prácticas_ cost?

To participate in the _prácticas_, you can choose between different packs, according to your needs, availability and commitment.

Pack of 8 _prácticas_: €64 (it costs €8/2-hour session, you can use it in 10 weeks from the date of purchase)

Pack of 4 _prácticas_: €40 (it costs €10/2-hour session, you can use it in 6 weeks from the date of purchase)

single _práctica_ loose: €12 (it costs €12/2-hour session, you can use it the same day of purchase)

HOW DO I REGISTER for the _prácticas_?

To reserve your place please fill out this form.  

If you have any questions, do not write us an email at [email protected]

Imparted by


LAS PRÁCTICAS is a collective formed in 2020 by Lucia Carrano and Kata Balogh, emerging performers and creators with a mutual need to be practical; to be busy instead of worried; to enjoy what the world offers, bodies, spaces and to share this pleasure with their peers and with the people who inhabit the spaces. Their mission as a collective is to get out of conventional spaces and intervene in everyday/public/urban space to democratize, contextualize, play, investigate and create new space-body narratives.


Kata Balogh (HU)

Kata is a multidisciplinary creator who has the body as the main tool at the center of her work and who is simultaneously dedicated to cultural management, graphic design, photography and video. She is passionate about life on the street, observing the small details of the urban world and capturing, transforming, giving new meaning to the everyday.

Since 2020 she investigates, creates and produces projects in, with and for public space, in 2021 she premieres her first street piece: W @ zap # ..?, a resident project at the CC. Barceloneta, CC Teixonera and nunArt Guinardó. 


Lucia Carrano (IT)

Lucia Carrano is an Italian dancer, performer and creator living in Barcelona. She is passionate about the natural expressive capacity of the human being and she works so that it can emerge both as an educator / teacher and in her artistic-performative work. She cultivates a particular interest in understanding the details that make artistic expression unique. In her creation “Panni”, she expresses her interest in the use of unconventional spaces as fertile territories in which the imagination dialogues with the material. In her pedagogical work appears the desire to integrate in the corporal practice of movement, observation and the word as fundamental moments of learning. She grew up in a family of musicians, she lived dance in her childhood as a bodily experience deeply linked to sound. Music is part of her life, she sings, plays percussion and she is an early childhood music educator. She is co-creator of the group Las Prácticas, which has as its specific objective to resignify artistic research practices in public spaces.


For more information and/or reservations you must contact to correspondent teacher directly

_prácticas_ con LAS PRÁCTICAS