The trainings and classes include a whole set of sessions organized and coordinated by the management team of the space. They are regular, they last from September to June and you can participate by acquiring a voucher or by paying a contribution for a single class.

Professional training, advanced level

From nunArt Guinardó we offer a professional training program from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 10. 45 h. The design of this activity amis to offer a diverse and affordable space for all experienced dancers who want to keep active and share.  

This 21/22 season we will be training with:

- Diego Sinniger (September)

- Nora Baylach (September)

- Rober Gómez (October)

- Elise Morard i Nils Liedtke (October)

- Gisela Creus (October)

- Nacho Cárcaba (November)

- Clémentine Télésfort (November)

- Gisela Creus (November)

- Nadine Gerspacher (December)

- Beatriz Calzado (January)

- Laura Vilar i Gisela Creus (January)

- Patricia Hastewell (January, February)

- Iftach Vardi (February)

- Sol Vázquez (February, March)

- Sabrina Gargano (March)

- Gisela Creus (March)

- David Nóvoa (March)

- Rafa Jagat (April)

- Si Los Martes Fueran Viernes (April)

- Daniel Fernändez (May)

- Joana Couto i Leonardo Calvino (May)

Dance and movement lessons for all levels

From nunArt Guinardó we want to offer as many choices as possible to meet and dance. The sance and movement lessons have diverse levels and different formats.  

Attention! There are two different kinds of passes: one for the professional trainings and another for the dance and movement lessons. 

Passes for the 20/21 season

Contemporary dance with Triny Reinoso

from September 13 to December 23, Monday and Wednesday, 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Entrenaments amb Joana Couto i Leonardo Calvino

from 16 to 23 May, from Monday to Thursday, from 9.30 am to 10.45 am

Yoga with Marha Echavarria

September 13 to December 23, Monday and Wednesday, from 11 to 12.15 h

Creative Dance with Ona Mestre

September 6 to December 23, Tuesday and Thursday, 19.30-21 h. Friday 9.30-11 h

Dansa contemporània amb Marha Echavarria

September 13 to December 23, Friday, 19.30 to 21 h

Entrenaments amb Junyi Sun

del 30 de maig al 2 de juny, de dilluns a dijous, 9.30-10.45 h

Training with Carla Sisteré

del 7 al 16 de juny, de dilluns a dijous, 9.30-10.45 h

Entrenaments amb Lorenzo Avolio

June 20 to 23, Monday to Thursday, 9.30-10.45 h