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Contemporary dance with Triny Reinoso


from September 13 to December 23, Monday and Wednesday, 7.30-21 pm

Attention! Activity starts punctually at 19.30, and at 19.45 we close doors. There is no bell at nunArt, you may not be able to enter if you are late.

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Ticket for 10 sessions: € 70

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Description of the activity

Dance and movement from a conscious and present body. Listening and observing the space -inside, outside and between- with intuition and flow as our guide. We will share research guidelines for improvisation and address movement phrases with technical aspects from the organic movement. A space and a time to allow ourselves to be present. For self-knowledge. To know-myself and know-us. To move expanding new ways and forms.

Openness, space, group, bodies, relationships, gaze, energy, reflection, dance, encounter. Share.

"Dancing: Dancing is a party of bones and sounds. To let the body vibrate, to let it hallucinate. Dancing is hallucinating. It is amazing." Anotaciones, Lucas Condró.

Imparted by

Triny Reinoso

Dancer, creator-interpreter, BA in Social Communication and Shiatsu Therapist. I started in the movement from a very young age in artistic gymnastics. Later, attracted by creation and communication through the body and movement, I was trained in contemporary dance and folkloric roots. I am in constant search, weaving the universes of dance, movement and creation; exploring the physical and emotional aspects that come from these relationships. I am currently studying the Postgraduate Course in Body and Art at ALAS - Interdisciplinary training for the areas of art, health, education and human development.

Original image: Andrei Farcasanu

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Contemporary dance with Triny Reinoso