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Training with Carla Sisteré


from June 6 to 16, Monday to Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 p.m.

Attention! The activity starts punctually at 9.30, and at 9.35 we close the street door. There is no bell at nunArt, you may not be able to enter if you are late.

By reserving your place, you accept this statement of responsibility.




With ticket or free class from nunArt Guinardó.

Single class: € 8

Ticket for 10 classes: € 65

Description of the activity

The work always starts from playing. The aim of the activity is to find tools to have a body available to the constant change of textures and qualities in movement. Play with speed, space and people. A mixture of physicality and theatricality. Generate a comfortable and safe space for research. The exhibition is optional, always welcome. ** Floorwork and choreographic material according to the level of the group attending the training.

Imparted by

Carla Sisteré

Carla Sisteré, performer, creator and teacher of contemporary dance, interested in improvisation, qualities and textures of movement, and physical theater.

Trained in contemporary dance in the spaces: Varium, Cobosmika, and Fre3bodies, she continues her education in motion with various international workshops and creative laboratories. He currently works with; Another dance in the dance and circus production "La Banda", Cia Vero Cendoya as a replacement for "La Partida", and Cia Roseland for the traveling pieces "Boys and Girls of the World" and "Robots".

At the same time, he moves his creations; "The Sad-Mad Method," and "Let's Talk About Love." During her career as a performer she has worked with Gisela Creus for a search for movement, Guillem Jiménez for “Aclucalls”, Ana Borrosa for “Jellyfish” and “Night-in-Gale”, Violeta Iriberri for “Ligereza”, Nicolas Ricchini Company for “Huntresses”, and sporadically with Beatriz C. Bidault.

In the pedagogical field he works with various artistic baccalaureates, with the La Caixa and Cobosmika foundation for the workshops “Hands on Work” and “Gestures in motion”, with the Sabadell Contemporary Dance Association, the Espai fizic school , and develops its own workshop "From the game to the Exhibition" at various festivals and with young companies.

Original image: Jorge Castro