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Summer workshop with Marha Echavarria


July 29, Friday, 7-21 p.m.

Attention! The activity starts on time. There is no bell at nunArt, you may not be able to enter if you are late.

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all levels.


20,00 €

Description of the activity

cOn mOvEr

Principles of technical training that will enable play, spontaneity and the body/mind relationship in dance.

Imparted by

Marha Echavarria

While studying Medicine, I decided to delve into the physical/spiritual path and make it my own medicine, a journey that still amazes me years later; I am a teacher and practitioner of Hatha yoga, Anusara and Kundalini; teacher in Dramatic Art, professional dancer and graduate in Contemporary Dance, degree in Aesthetic Education and Master in Dance Movement Therapy.

Original image: Jorge Gareis 

Summer workshop with Marha Echavarria