Intensive courses

2H of summer with Ona Mestre // nº1


July 16, Saturday, 10-12 h


all levels


20,00 €

Description of the activity

Listening to me from all parts of my body, to be present in my life. Feeling my body, listening to my body feeling, creating from the felt body feeling! A journey to be aware of being aware.

We will experience the breath to feel the internal space of our body, to see how it is movement and how it makes us present. We will investigate the movement to see its origin, its pulse, its vibration, what it draws and describes to us in space. We will see the flow of continuous movement, as it opens into space, and we will create phrases from improvisation.

We will look for the relationship with the other from different qualities of the movement. How we open ourselves to a work with space, listening to it as an energetic presence for individual and group creation. We will be listening to the movement, the breath, the smell, the skin! Improvise and create from different proposals, body, space, movement, voice, object.

Imparted by

Ona Mestre

The work carried out by Ona Mestre is the result of a long artistic, pedagogical, research and experimentation trajectory with different systems and disciplines in search of the internal flow of creativity: the Conscious System for the Fedora Movement Technique Aberastury, (with Yiya Diaz and Julia Comesaña), the Katsugen (Katsumi Mamine) and voice-body (Sjabbe van Selfour). He teaches Body Awareness and Creative Dance workshops with different groups and accompanies creative processes.

Original image: Taida Mestre

2H of summer with Ona Mestre // nº1