Intensive courses

Summer workshop with Ravid Abarbanel - Technique and creation


From July 22 to 26, Monday to Friday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

10 to 11:30 h  Technique class / warm up 

15 min break

11:45 to 14 h Creation

Open sharing ( open to public and free, no lights ) of the piece Friday at 13 


inter / advanced / professional


150,00 €

Description of the activity

Happy Body Meet the Floor

Every body, regardless of whether it dances or not, has a home base of movement or physical comfort zone. The motions that feel the most natural, the gestures each person uses to communicate their thoughts, their gait, the way they move weight from one foot to another, the way they stand. These sets of movement comprise what I think of as a physical home, a place in which the body moves most naturally. During the workshop we will search for each person's physical home, at what their body does when at ease, when most in its element. We will explore different possibilities to release our body parts, to give ourselves over to gravity and to resist it. We will look for pleasure in movement. Through an emphasis on finding connections between the different parts of the body, we will experiment with materials from the physical and movement realms that animate me and together, we will foray into new territories of expression. The workshop has components of a dynamic floor work technique and improvisation, practices I am working with for the past years.

Imparted by

Ravid Abarbanel

Ravid Abarbanel is Israeli/Portuguese. She is a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, residing in Barcelona. She graduated from the Maslool Professional Dance Program, Codarts University in Rotterdam and has a degree in B-Dance from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. Among her works: Underneath, ALIZA, WildHome, HomeLima, Home NC, Uprooted, Thoughts about leaving and Freeze IT.

Ravid was awarded the Best Performer Award at Masdanza Dance Festival 2022 and received a full scholarship to DanceWEB and American Dance Festival, 3rd Prize for Choreography. at the Stuttgart International Dance Competition and also the award for Best Performer at the Barnes Crossing SoloDuo, Cologne, Germany. She received the 'Ehud Manor' Award to support her ongoing creative process-HOME. She belongs to the "Israeli Association of Independent Choreographers" since 2019.

She has developed Meet the Floor and Happy Body: Classes based on improvisation and floor work. She teaches classes and workshops all over the world. She is a teacher in the Master of Modern and Contemporary Dance for dance teachers, an initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Education.

Summer workshop with Ravid Abarbanel - Technique and creation