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Summer 2H workshop with Triny Reinoso


July 22, Friday, 7-21 p.m.

Attention! The activity starts on time. There is no bell at nunArt, you may not be able to enter if you are late.

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20,00 €

Description of the activity

It will be an encounter with Time and Space to allow us to dance and move from an organic, conscious and present body. We will explore possibilities to listen and let ourselves fall into the thought of the body. What does it reveal to us? What are the spaces we don't usually live in? There will be time for improvisation and to delve into more physical and technical guidelines. We will address a choreographic phrase with the desire to integrate the whole experience and let ourselves flow in the infinite possibilities of the body.

Que tu cuerpo sea siempre un amado espacio de revelaciones –Pizarnik.

Imparted by

Triny Reinoso

Dancer, creator-performer, Lic. in Social Communication and Shiatsu Therapist. I started in the movement from a very young age in artistic gymnastics. Later, attracted by creation and communication through body and movement, I trained in contemporary dance and folk roots. I am in constant search, weaving the universes of dance, movement, creation and body, exploring everything that comes from these encounters. I am currently pursuing a Postgraduate Degree in Body and Art at ALAS - Interdisciplinary Training in the areas of art, health, education and human development.

Summer 2H workshop with Triny Reinoso