At nunArt Guinardó we also host work in progress presentations of the projects that our resident artists develop in our spaces and to which you can attend as an audience.

Mostra de Programa de Creació d'Àrea

Presentation of an excerpt of the pieces created this year in the Area Creation Program.

Creations by Eder Goikoetxea, Isabel Knell, Swapnil Kulkarni and Paskany Gajardo. Accompanied by Olga Alvarez.

Mostra d'Hanami Dansa i Àrea Dansa

Presentation of De-tonadas, created by Dani Rosado with students in the third year of Area training program.

Presentation of The odd hotel, by Carla Sisteré; Diálogo ausente, by Agnes Sales, and El cuerpo que no es un cuerpo, by Priscila Garrido for the young company Hanami Dansa.

Mostra PROJECTem 3

At nunArt we believe that being able to exhibit and share enriches and consolidates links, processes and strengthens the possibility of growing in different perspectives.

This presentation will be the result in process of the creation that will develop during 10 weeks the group of PROJECTem of the third term of the 21/22 year.

Mostra PROJECTem 1 i 2

8 de juliol, dissabte, 19.30 i 21 h,

Mostra Resonance: 'Travessia Còsmica' i ' Tentativas de (des)aparición'

14 de juliol, dijous, 19 h