ITINERÀNCIES - Cicle de Dansa


24 April 2022 - 19:00


10 euros

Description of the presentation

Itinerancies is a series of dance presentatiomns organized by nunArt with the intention of promoting the spaces of visibility and encounter between people and their creative processes and an audience that we understand as situated, interrelated and creative. A look at the presentations as a research space where you can share different routes.

On April 24 we will share the research of:

Marta Daniel - LLORIR (15')

Driven by a society that does not give us the space to show how we really feel, recognizing, accepting, living and channeling those emotions and states we go through throughout our lives. Immersed in a world where mental health is not a priority, we just read self-help books, often finding in them the appearance of laughter as a great generator of change. Is self-help really a help or an invisibility of problems?

 Clémentine Télesfort and Lisard Tranis - Skin on Skin (15')

Skin on Skin is a dance piece started in 2020 by Clémentine Télésfort and Lisard Tranis. Through improvisation, the piece reveals the delicacy and potentiality of touch as a means of communication.

Javier Bustamante, Pablo Arias, Anna Magrans, Ona Mestre and Isabel Knell - Step by step, an immensity that wants to take root! (20')

A walk of all shapes, horizons rising and falling, approaching between endless lines.