CobosMika SEEDs: The seventh face of the dice


5 March 2022 - 20:00


5 €

Description of the presentation

CobosMika SEEDs is an educational project aimed at young dancers from around the world with the aim of training as dancers and performers in a professional company environment.

The young company SEEDs Company presents under the direction and choreography of Peter Mika: "The seventh face of the dice". Czech photographer Josef Sudek, known as the Poet of Prague, said “photography is strange, it shouldn't reveal much, it should only give clues. It has to allude and those who look at it must imagine what is behind it”. And from this premise Peter Mika has been inspired by the piece. Through the movement of the dancers we delve into the reflection of personal relationships with the world around us, being part of a dark, intimate and melancholy universe.

Image: Chris Bosch Demjen