Mostra PROJECTem 3 - Todas las gotas del mar


18 June 2022 - 20:00


5 euros

Description of the presentation

PROJECTem 3 Presentation

June 18, Saturday, at 8 p.m.

At nunArt we believe that being able to exhibit and share enriches and consolidates links, processes and strengthens the possibility of growing in different perspectives.

This presentation will be the result in process of the creation that will develop during 10 weeks the group of PROJECTem of the third trimester of the course 21/22.

All the drops of the sea (30 ')

We are a body of many bodies. We travel, we dwell in ourselves, through us and beyond us.

We are beings who continue, we are beings of a being that exists in its entirety.

Performers / Creators: Marina Andreu, Fabiana Paisani, Cinta Voisin, Mar Martínez, Martina Rosas, Isabelle Richaud, Swapnil Kulkarni

Dramaturgy: Swapnil Kulkarni, Fabiana Paisani, Mar Martínez

Costumes and Scenography: Martina Rosas, Isabelle Richaud

Music and Lights: Cinta Voisin, Fabiana Paisani, Marina Andreu

Support for the creative process: Gisela Creus and Triny Reinoso