Mostra Resonance: 'Travessia Còsmica' i ' Tentativas de (des)aparición'


14 July 2022 - 19:00


10 euros

Description of the presentation

Resonance presentation: 'Travessia Còsmica' and ' Tentativas de (des)aparición'

  • Travessia Còsmica by Gisela Creus and Marha Echavarria

Travessia Còsmica talks about the relationship with nature that surrounds us and of which we are a part. It is a journey where the essence emerges and an opportunity is born for a new look, respectful and in coexistence where all matter lives in the same plane of consciousness.

Gisela Creus has been carrying out a process of research and creation of the language and poetry of dance for a year. During this year, issues such as the complexity of the human relationship with the environment, both physical, energetic and human, have emerged. The comfort and discomfort generated by this relational space and the constant search for the Cosmos, the universe conceived as an ordered whole in the individual and social being.

For some years now, Marha Echavarria has been researching, investigating the subtle relationship between dance and yoga, and how the two disciplines can dialogue and generate an energetic body, present in the bios of the actor / dancer. He is interested in the construction of Scythia as a journey where 'being' and 'being' travel the different paths that life poses to us.

We live in a strange and wonderful universe. It takes an extraordinary imagination to appreciate its age, size, violence, and even beauty. It may seem that the place we humans occupy in this vast cosmos is insignificant; maybe that's why we try to make sense of it and see how we fit in. —A Briefer History of Time, Stephen Hawking.

Creation and interpretation: Gisela Creus and Marha Echavarria

Musical Composition: Borja Díaz

Lighting design: Nerea Velasco

Accompaniment and thanks: Triny Reinoso, Berta Vilarrasa, Laura Vilar and Ona Mestre.

Collaboration: nunArt Creacions Association

  • Tentativas de (des)aparición, by Laura Vilar with Pierre-Michaël Faure

This proposal will always be an unfinished process, an investigation, on / between / through an open field of interest that has to do with how the experience of movement, attention, listening and possible drifts towards deployment and openness to otherness and space for action, can be a ground for rethinking, unbalancing or interrelating a situated perspective. One of the central questions of the research would be: could an intuitive attention to the possibilities of movement deploy / show the 'between' vibrating bodies by emerging other ways of 'looking the same in a different way'?

This performative research 'walks with' the discursive research in process within the framework of the Doctoral Thesis in Artistic Research of the Department of Philosophy of the UAB that I will present at the end of 2022

Researcher and preformer: Laura Vilar

Distortions, resonances and accompaniments: Pierre-Michaël Faure

Support in all: Jean Mazel

Crossings, encounters, inspirations and marks: Triny Reinoso, Andrea Soto, Sal Peiró, Josefina Zuain, Ona Mestre.

Residences: nunArt Creations (2020-2021) and Im_Flieger Wien (2021-2022)