Kata Balogh - Communication

Kata Balogh - Communication

Kata is a multidisciplinary creator who has the body as the main tool at the center of her work, but who at the same time dedicates herself to cultural management, graphic design, photography and video.

The engine of her creative practice is to find the intersections between different disciplines, themes and contexts, generating projects that function as platforms for reflection, play, intervention and identification.



Between 2012 and 2017 she attends the regular classes of the Budapest Academy of Contemporary Dance, she is trained in intensive courses, creative laboratories and interdisciplinary meetings in other dance and culture spaces of the city. Parallel to dance, she studies Fine Arts with a specialization in film studies and cultural studies at the Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest (2016) and works as a cultural manager for years in different places and cultural initiatives of the alternative scene. In 2017 she entered the second year of the 'Professional Training Program in Contemporary Dance and Creation' at Area, Espai de Dansa i Creació. In the 2018/19 academic year, she receives the exchange scholarship from the school. In the 2019/2020 academic year, she participates in the fifth edition of Towards Vivencia - Jorge Crecis's online course. Since her graduation (2019), she continues to train in dance and physical theater trainings and intensive courses and participates in activities related to the creation and management of artistic projects.


Her professional career as a creator-performer began in 2016 in Hungary, when she joined the ImBerbe Project collective, where she works as a performer and co-creator of the piece 'togethering' (SÍN, Trafó, Ubik Eklektik Festival and Bethlen Téri Színház, Budapest). In 2018 she created her first solo 'And if I think nothing ..?' Which she presents in Area and then moves it through other spaces in Barcelona (Festival StripArt, Festival Choreoscope, at the Center Cívic del Fort Pienc, at Cinema Maldà, and Center Cívic del Guinardó). During 2019 she teaches various activities related to the creative process of the piece. Throughout 2019 she works as an interpreter, in ´El loro verde´ by Ola Witalisz, in ´Panni´ by Lucia Carrano, in ´raar´ by Pierre-Michaël Faure and in ´On the other side of the skin´ by Laura Vilar and Pierre-Michaël Faure.

In 2020 despite the pandemic, she works as an interpreter in ´Guie Biaani´ by Valeria Vázquez; She is generating projects about contemporary dance in public spaces with her collective 'LAS PRÁCTICAS' with Lucia Carrano and initiates the creation of her first project as director: 'W @ zap # ..?'

She is currently in the final phase of creating 'W @ zap # ..?' in residence in the CC. Barceloneta and she is responsible for the social networks and image of nunArt Guinardó.