R365 +, Stable residence

The Stable Residence is aimed at stable projects that carry out their activities in the studios of nunArt Guinardó. We have 4 studios and plastic, stage, audiovisual, sound, design, therapists or anyone who needs a space to work is welcome.

The artist will become a temporary partner of nunArt Creacions will make a monthly membership contribution previously agreed to cover space costs.

Here you can see some pictures of the rooms.

Check for the detailed conditions and more, following this link.

If you think you might be interested, send us a brief description of your project and needs. Once evaluated, we will contact you to get to know us and assess whether it fits our possibilities.


Space rental

If your project does not fit into any of the other modalities, you also have the option of renting a room where you can develop or offer your own activities with the following conditions:

  • A contribution per hour if you're an independent artist looking for space to rehearsal
  • A contribution per hour if you are a company or institution looking for a space to develop an activity or rehearsal

If you think you may be interested, send us a description of your project, needs. Once assessed, we will contact you to get to know each other and assess whether your proposal fits our possibilities.

Due to the volume of work and the nature of the project, nunArt only communicates by email or by appointment.

Write us and we will get back to you soon!



One-week residency

The schedule for this one-week residency is: 

  • Monday and Wednesday: 12.30 h a 16.45 h
  • Tuesday, Thursday: 14 h a 17 h
  • Friday: 11.30 h a 16.45 h 

If you are interested, send us your proposal.

Contribution: €150