Intensive courses

Intensiu d'estiu amb Laia Santanch


del 25 al 28 de juliol, de dilluns a dijous, 10-12 h




70,00 €

Description of the activity


I propose a class that will start with an active warm-up to prepare the body and reach the end of the class with maximum physical performance and explore the limits of the body in movement. For this I combine elements of different contemporary techniques working on the floor and standing. We will work on the torso, the spirals, twists, imbalances and suspensions, as well as the dynamics in the movement and its musicality.

The class will be divided into two premises, we will work with guided phrases alternating patterns of improvisation and composition and giving great importance to the personality of each participant to enhance interpretation and creation.

Imparted by

Laia Santanach

Choreographer, dancer and pedagogue living in Barcelona with more than 14 years of professional experience. She currently runs her own company under her own name. As a choreographer, it is worth mentioning her latest creation ÀER, winner of the Delfí Colomé Award 2018. She is currently immersed in the new creation TRADERE. As a dancer she has worked nationally and internationally with various choreographers and stage directors. She has also performed the choreographic assistance of several circus and dance companies. In 2016 she created the Menorca a Dansa festival which she continues to co-direct.

As a teacher she has taught workshops and intensive courses in various schools and spaces such as Area, circus school Rogelio Rivel, Cobosmika Seed s, nunArt, Haatik Dantza Kompagnia (Donostia) Som-hi Dansa, ESDM, Descalzhina (Madrid), DASS project (Saint Petersburg), Menorca Dance Festival, and for 6 years as a teaching support at the CSD of the Institut de Teatre de Barcelona. She is currently a professor of dance and creation at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. 

Original image: Jofre Moreno

Intensiu d'estiu amb Laia Santanch