'Synchronies' are all the collaboration, meeting and listening activities of nunArt with other entities and projects, which take place both in nunArt and in other locations.

There are more punctual or sporadic synchronicities with entities such as civic centers, festivals or cultural associations, and synchronicities that take the form of regular projects over time, such as the collaboration with primary schools in the Guinardó neighbourhood.

The main purpose is always to generate meeting and exchange spaces, building community through the social, transforming, cohesive and creative role of dance.

The Schools Project aims to help develop artistic, cultural, social and civic skills in primary and secondary school students through a series of dance workshops and a workshop for teachers. The project is developed in collaboration with the schools and activities such as music, art or physical education are often involved as bridges to prepare the sessions together.

We work 3 sessions of 1 hour per group, in which creativity is explored through the body, and artistic creation is reflected on in a dance context, developing a choreography created in a group by the participants.

On the other hand, we offer a session for teaching staff that consists of a presentation/workshop on how to introduce creative dance in schools. This workshop is thought to be carried out previously in the sessions with the students, to give tools to the teachers in order to be able to incorporate dance in the classrooms.

Who is it for?

Teachers and students from 1st to 6th grade of primary school, and from 1st to 4th grade of ESO.


  • Bring dance to all audiences
  • Promote research and pedagogical innovation, generating spaces for questioning and transformation
  • Raise awareness about the benefit of dance, its practice, visibility and creation
  • Strengthen the network of local spaces and projects giving continuity to the projects
  • Include the perspective of gender, diversity and equity in our daily lives
  • Bring artistic creation and research closer to society (blurring groups, neighborhoods, disciplines, spaces...)
  • Exhibit work in progress and proposals of all levels and origins


2 teachers + 1 musician per session. Gisela Creus, Triny Reinoso, and Ona Mestre participate as teachers. And as a musician Pablo Arias.

To the moment it is being developed with the schools:

Special School Verge de Montserrat

Video recorded during the 21/22 year: