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Workshop with Nadine Gerspacher // 4H nº3


October 9, Saturday, 12.30-16.30 h

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Description of the activity

Catching limits

'Catching limits' is the name of the company's most prominent contemporary dance workshop taught by Nadine Gerspacher. It is aimed at dancers, circus artists and actors of advanced / professional level. The class consists of exercises to awaken the body and raise awareness about the physical instrument in its entirety. We focus on breathing, joints, muscle tone, and stability to improve physical strength. Nadine invites participants to participate in technical exercises, including floor work, games, and complex composition phrases. Participants learn to activate and anchor their core to optimally experience freedom of movement. Duet work, guided improvisations, and drama assignments underline class activities to support play and creativity in movement and expression.

Imparted by

Nadine Gerspacher

Born in Freiburg (Germany), Nadine has worked with and for numerous international artists and companies such as Dave St. Pierre Inc. (Montreal), Francisco Córdova from Physical Momentum Project (Mexico & Spain), Nicolas Ricchini Company (Spain), Stephan Herwig , Katja Wachter from Selfish Shellfish (Munich), Circo del Sol (Heart Project in Ibiza), among others.

Since 2011, she has created her own company in Barcelona and has a wide repertoire that explores the border between physicality and theater. Since 2019, she has started a trilogy around the changes caused by the digital age in human relationships. In spring 2021, the last part of the trilogy portal: 'Non-upgraded Existence' premiered in Freiburg.

In the field of teaching, she has been working since 2007 at the Varium school. She also gives workshops and creates dance-theater pieces for companies and training schools throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Since 2018, she has been co-artistic director of the FRE3 BODIES creation and performance program in Barcelona, a platform that acts as a bridge to the professional world for talented performers.

Workshop with Nadine Gerspacher // 4H nº3